Membership & Fees

Senior Member

The age at which one becomes an adult member has changed from 18yrs to 21 yrs.

Ticket price £170


‘New’ Student Member

A new intermediate priced ticket is now available for members aged 18yrs to 21 yrs.

Ticket price £60



A junior can obtain a ticket when they reach 7yrs of age. This category is available to both members and season visitors children, including grandchildren who must be accompanied.

Ticket price £15



On reaching the age of 65 yrs will be allowed a reduced rate provided he/she has completed the previous 5 yrs as a fully paid member.

Ticket price £120


Season Visitor

There is a limit placed on the number of visitors allowed to fish each year. There is a waiting list at this present time, contact the secretary for details.

Ticket price £275


Guest Day Visitor

A member may bring a guest for up to two day visits in any one season.

Day ticket price – £20 adult & £5 junior.


Visitor Day Ticket

A maximum of 2 rods per day will be available on a first come basis. These need to be booked in advance and a permit issued before commencing fishing. For availability of dates and how to book you need to apply through the first page of this website.

Ticket prices:  May – October £65