1. Fishing Year

The year’s membership shall run from the 1 February to the 31 January in any year. 

2. Open / Close Seasons

The Close seasons for all the species shall commence and end on those dates specified by the environment agency.

The Trout season starts on 22nd March up to 30th Sept. On the river Irthing it starts on 15th March up to 30th Sept. The Salmon / Sea Trout season starts 1st February up to 31st Oct. 

3. Bag Limits

A bag limit of 2 x salmon & 2 x sea trout per day

A bag limit of 10 x salmon & 10 x sea trout per season.

The bag limit for fish retained on the Irthing shall be 4 fish per day.  Any fish retained must be quickly and humanely despatched. 

4. Size Limits

No fish shall be killed which is less than 8 inches (20cm) in length other than minnows. 

5. Permitted Fishing Methods

Most legal methods of fishing with rod and line are permitted in Association waters SAVE THAT the use of any form of bait prior to the 16th June in any year is prohibited. The exception is The National Trust who does not allow any form of bait fishing at any time on their waters other than juniors who are allowed to fish worm after 16th June.

When fishing with lures such as rapala’s and quills, a maximum of one hook which can itself be a treble, can only be used.

The use of prawn or shrimp is banned on all H&DAA waters.  

6. Identification

All members must wear their membership fob at all times when fishing Association waters and exhibit their their catch when called upon to do so by an authorised bailiff, fellow member or riparian owner. Anyone found fishing without the above must supply his or her name and address and leave the water upon being requested to do so.

Car Discs – These must be shown clearly on your car windscreen when parking on landlords land. Failure to do so is in breach of club rules.

7. Conduct

  • Closed gates must be closed after access.
  • No dogs are allowed to accompany members or visitors.
  • No picnic parties, no lighting of fires and no camping are allowed.
  • A member fishing may be accompanied by one friend who shall not fish or assist in any way.
  • Hooks and line must not be discarded on riverbanks, as these are dangerous to farm animals and wildlife.
  • Damage to riparian owners property by members must be reported to the secretary and riparian owner
  • Members should show courtesy to other anglers and in particular:
  • If a pool is being fished by a fellow angler, members should wait until the other angler has moved a reasonable distance downstream before fishing the pool themselves unless they have been invited to fish the pool by that other angler
  • If a member is fishing a pool and a fellow angler wishes to fish the pool, the member must move through the pool in a reasonable time having no more than two casts from any position before moving at least a yard down stream
  • Anglers fishing stationary or floating baits should give priority to anglers wishing to fish through a pool and must allow them to pass through the pool.

8. Misconduct

8.1 A member or official who offends against the rules and regulations of the Association, or who is deemed guilty of misconduct likely to bring discredit on the Association may be called before the Committee to answer the allegation(s).

8.2 A member who is alleged to have breached the rules and regulations shall be made aware of the details in writing and given at least 7 days notice of the date time and place when the Committee will deal with the complaint. Such members shall be invited to attend the meeting, where he or she may question or call any witnesses and answer the allegation(s).

8.3 Whether an alleged offender attends the hearing or not, he or she shall be given the decision of the Committee in writing, within 7 days of the hearing. The Committee shall be empowered to deal with such matters by way of caution, suspension of membership for a stated period, or expulsion from the Association.

8.4 A member may only be expelled my a majority vote of those present

8.5 No person whose membership has been terminated shall be allowed onto Association water as a guest.

9. Memberships / Visitors / Guests / Weekly Tickets.

Membership : Anyone living within the Haltwhistle area shall be eligible for membership. The area will includeGilsland to the west, Crow Hall Farm to the east and anyone living on the banks of the valleyto the south.

Adult member : Adult membership starts at the age of 21 years.

Student Member : Stud

ent membership covers those between the age of 18 years – 20 years

Retired Member : On reaching the age of 65 years will be allowed the reduced rate provided he /she has completed five years as a fully paid member. On reaching the age of 75 years the member will be given a free ticket provided he/she have paid their subscriptions for the previous 10 years.

Junior Member : A junior 7 years to 18 years must be accompanied by a parent/responsible person over 18 years of age.

Season Visitors : Anyone living outside of the area may apply to join as a season visitor. Applicants will go onto a waiting list which is available for inspection by members. Season visitors will be subject to the same rules as local members but will have no voting rights.

Guests : A member may take a guest on two occasions per year. Prior to any member taking a guest they must first obtain a ticket from the secretary or chairman.

Day Tickets : There is a limit of two rods per day which can be booked on the front page of the website.

10. Illegal Fishing

Any member fishing illegally, breaking rules or selling fish shall forfeit his permit.

11. Catch Returns.

Members must make a catch return, then submit it to the secretary not later than the end of November.

12. Permits

Local Memberships : These can be obtained from Walter Eals, 4, Fairhill Haltwhistle, NE49 9EE. Tel: 01434 321818

Season Visitors : These tickets can be obtained from David Stobbart (secretary) 20, Enderby Drive Hexham. Tel: 01434 607478

Juniors : These tickets can be obtained from Armstrongs shop, Main Street, Haltwhistle.

Guests : These tickets can be obtained from Walter Eals, 4, Fairhill Haltwhistle, NE49 9EE. Tel: 01434 321818

Junior National Rod License – As from the 2017 season these will be Free of charge.

All anglers fishing our waters must hold a valid EA rod licence.